Monday, September 6, 2010

49. Honor

49. Honor
(n/v) award, accolade/respect
Location Placed: Barnes and Noble, Freehold, New Jesery
Date Placed: 8/6/10 8:26pm

I think we've all learned how much of a bookworm I am/how often I frequent establishments that house books. No surprise that I found myself in another one. With a bookstore in nearly every town, coupled with my weakness for bound books, you'd understand why the swipe part of my reward cards are a bit worn.


  1. You found some beautiful locations for these lovely cranes!!
    I love the farmers market and the post office!!
    And, as always, I love the bookstore cranes!!!
    Other places could be:
    ---> At your local grocery store
    ---> At your bank/ ATM thingie :)
    ---> On a table when you go out to eat ((With the tip))
    ---> On a bike rack/ park bench
    Have a beautiful day!!
    cranes, books and hugs

  2. @VintageGirl - I'm going to see if I can do a couple more of each the post office and farmer's markets. And of course bookstores (maybe another tonight!) I definitely will try my grocery store and already did my bank, although I'm going to go to some more banks. I'm working on finding a way to tie them up to places (like a bike rack) so I can leave them hanging. Thanks for the lovely suggestions Megan!