Sunday, August 20, 2017

848. Always

848. Always
Definition: (adv) for all future times, forever
Location Placed: Books-A-Million, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Date Placed: 8/15/17 at 6:22pm
Status: FOUND! 8/15/17 at 10:37pm



I popped into Books-A-Million before stopping into the mall for dinner. I do love a good book cover, as the ones shown here are. The reprints of classics often have such a fun and whimsical cover that I always make sure to look at them in any book shop I go into. I've not read near as many classics as I would like, but have a plan to start reading more of them starting in 2018. I'll definitely have to make sure to pick up a couple particularly pretty ones for my home library!

Found! This crane was found by an employee of Books-A-Million who then brought it to their manager. The manager e-mailed me letting me know she had found it, appreciated it, and would email me back once she had replaced it somewhere! Definitely will make sure to update this once I get word. Always love to hear from a crane finder!

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