Monday, October 31, 2016

803. Cultivate

803. Cultivate
Definition: (v) to try to acquire or develop
Location Placed: Drumthwacket, Princeton, New Jersey
Date Placed: 9/28/16 at 1:21pm



I had been wanting to go visit Drumthwacket, which is the mansion of the New Jersey state governor, for many years. They give tours only 1pm on Wednesday's Fall-Winter-Spring. Although most governor's don't end up living there full time, they do often work out of the house or hold functions there. It's a gorgeous mansion where we were able to tour the first floor and some of the grounds. True to form, my favorite room was the library. It was styled after the old British style University libraries, dark with a fireplace, tall bookcases, and comfy chairs, it was breathtakingly wonderful. I would 100% live there if I were governor and would spend all of my time in the library, around all of my governor-ly duties, of course.

If you get the chance, and it's difficult with only a small visiting window, I highly recommend you check out Drumthwacket for the free tour. It does require advanced registration but only so they can make sure to check you off as they wait for folks for the tour to start. I hear they dress up the place really nice for Christmas visits.

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