Saturday, October 29, 2016

798. Sane

798. Sane
Definition: (adj) reasonable, sensible
Location Placed: Matawan-Aberdeen Train Station, Matawan, New Jersey
Date Placed: 9/21/16 at 11:43am



I had never been to this train station before, but have gone through it to get to New York City many a time. The trains have an automated message system for each stop. They say the station name, and then in an oddly ominous voice, "When leaving the train...", back to a more pleasant voice, "...please watch the gap." Even typing this, I can hear that voice angrily saying the first part of the sentence and carefully instructing for the second part. It makes me wonder how that message was created and whether or not the message intent was created to sound that way, or if it was just a sheer accident.

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