Sunday, October 18, 2015

686. Possible

686. Possible
Definition: (adj) able to be done
Location Placed: Circus Circus, Las Vegas, Nevada
Date Placed: 9/29/15 at 3:20pm

When you see Vegas in a TV show or movie, you think all of the casinos are so close! (Or, maybe it's just me who thinks that.) However, when you get to the city, you realize that the casinos are spread out over several miles from one tip to the other. You never realize it just so much as when you're trying to walk to Circus Circus from the monorail. It is not close, especially in the heat of a September afternoon. Additionally if you're concerned you will miss something by not visiting, you won't. I can assure you, having been there, that you will be missing nothing. It definitely has seen better times and is in need of some serious revamping. Give it a hard pass and go to the Stratosphere instead, which I definitely want to visit next time I am there.

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