Wednesday, July 24, 2013

527. Okay

527. Okay
Definition: (adj) agreeable, acceptable, correct
Location Placed: Barnes and Noble, Newburgh, New York
Date Placed: 7/18/13 at  9:32pm

As a book lover, I find it impossible to pass by a bookstore and not go in. It seems wrong on many levels. So I popped in to have a quick jog around the store and see if anything caught my fancy. (Not that I don't already have more than enough books to read that I own...) I didn't find anything I absolutely needed, but I left the store feeling pretty jazzed anyway. Perhaps it was just being on an adventure, but I feel like walking around the aisles of a bookstore is sort of rejuvenating. So many worlds and plots and characters all coinciding under one roof. The hours one could spend reading amongst those books...

Do you have a place you just love going that you feel wonderful when it's time to head out?

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