Sunday, December 30, 2012

485. Propitious

485. Propitious
Definition: (adj) giving or indicating a good chance of success; favorable
Location Placed: Phoenix Zoo, Phoenix, Arizona
Date Placed: 12/22/12 at 7:22pm

Sadly this year I was unable to use my Christmas cranes that I had made last year due to unforeseeable circumstances that kept me from a.) traveling b.) placing cranes and c.) living in my home. Hurricane Sandy (unfortunate coincidence of a name, really) tackled New Jersey straight on and flooded my area, including my home. We are back to living in it, albeit possessing far less than we started off with. However, we are trying to put it all behind us now, and I look forward to placing more cranes from here on out.

We hopped down to the Phoenix Zoo for the ZooLights attraction. It was quite cool! While there were no animals harmed (or lit!) in the making of this attraction, there were a lot of metal animal shapes that were lit up. If you're in the area and looking for an awesome attraction for adults and children alike, this is a lot of fun. You might even catch a glimpse of an animal or two! (In our case, we caught the tail end of a zebra, literally!)

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