Sunday, July 29, 2012

446. Refined

446. Refined
Definition: (adj) elegant and cultured in appearance, manner, and taste
Location Placed: Fairfield Service Area, Fairfield, Connecticut
Date Placed: 7/29/12 at 1:09pm

I really like placing cranes in rest stops, especially along major thoroughfares. Since I-95 spans from the tippy top of the United States in Maine and all the way down to the very bottom of Florida, you never know who might happen upon a folded bit of paper. I think it's interesting to make up stories about where my fellow rest area comrades are headed. Vacation, like myself? Visiting family? Job interview? Moving? Away on Business? The options seem endless. But for some reason, we've all been at this one point at the exact same time. Will our paths cross?

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