Sunday, July 15, 2012

437. Heady

437. Heady
Definition: (adj) having a strong or exhilarating effect
Location Placed: The UPS Store, Morristown, New Jersey
Date Placed: 7/13/12 at 1:13pm

Upon leaving the Starbucks, I stopped a UPS Store, good for crane releases. So I popped on over. Generally my modus operandi is to look at the greeting cards, quickly place a crane while discretely taking a picture, and scurrying off. However, I couldn't easily find the greeting cards in the store! I always feel terribly awkward if I don't go in somewhere with a purpose, like people are noticing that I'm being a wee bit suspicious. Obviously I wasn't carrying a large box to ship, so I pretended I forgot some piece of vital... something in my purse that I had to go get. Hopefully I'm not as suspicious seeming as I think I am!

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