Tuesday, June 19, 2012

430. Outspoken

430. Outspoken
Definition: (adj) frank in stating ones opinion; candid and forthright
Location Placed: Longstreet Farms, Holmdel, New Jersey
Date Placed: 6/18/12 at 2:04pm

So our final stop was at Longstreet Farms. My friend had never been there before and I figured she would enjoy it. While there was no cow milking this time around, we got to see the house for a bit longer than I had last time. Granted we saw far less house this time than I saw last time, but there was a lot more background information given about the family and the rooms than before. I loved the the wallpaper they used was made to look like marble and broken up into sizable pieces so it looked as though the walls were made of marble instead of just papered. (It wasn't terribly convincing but I loved how inventive they were.) And I loved the overhead lights on springs to light them back in the times of candle light. Definitely a cool house to visit!

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