Sunday, June 17, 2012

425. Sensible

425. Sensible
Definition: (adj) chosen with wisdom or prudence
Location Placed: Crumbs Bakery, New York City, New York
Date Placed: 6/16/12 at  8:45pm

So on our way home from dinner, we stopped at Crumbs Bakery. Having had Crumbs cupcakes a number of times previously, I was super happy to stop into the actually bakery for the first time. And it didn't disappoint. I ended up snagging 4 cupcakes: Peanut Butter Cup, Oreo, Grasshopper, and Mudslide. (I brought them all back with me, but am totally itching to put a dent in them right now as I type!) I was super happy to see there was a Father's Day cupcake. My Dad used to golf a lot so if he were still living in the area, I totally would've given him one of these. Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!

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  1. I love New York - well done with your project nearly half way there !! Amazing - i often tell people about your lovely project.