Friday, June 8, 2012

408. Quizzical

408. Quizzical
Definition: (adj) indicating mild or amused puzzlement
Location Placed: Clio Hall Undergraduate Admissions, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey
Date Placed: 6/8/12 at 11:13am

The best way to get to know a place is to take a tour. So I did! I jumped on to a campus tour with a few dozen prospective students and their parents. It made me feel quite old! But it was nice to have fond memories of the campus tours I went on when I was searching for a school. While I didn't apply to any schools in New Jersey (and my high school academics weren't on par with Princeton's standards), I definitely was able to put myself in the shoes of an incoming student and get excited about the campus. Heck, they had basically sold me on it!

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