Sunday, October 2, 2011

330. Befriend

330. Befriend
(v) to offer help or support to
Location Placed: Sickles Market, Little Silver, New Jersey
Date Placed: 10/2/11 at 1:59pm
Status: Found! And re-released.

It felt like a perfect fall day, so I figured it was probably time to pick up some outdoor decorations. So I popped over to the only place I knew around here that would have mums for the front porch. I was impressed by the number of different colors there are. I've never bought mums before so hopefully I picked out a good one and my plant kiss of death doesn't get the best of me. Do you guys have any fall activities or traditions that you're excited to do?

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  1. I just love all the festivals that happen in the fall! Greenville has a great one called Fall for Greenville that is happening the weekend of the 15th and I'm definitely psyched for it :)