Sunday, October 2, 2011

331. Valuable

331. Valuable
(adj) a thing that is of great worth
Location Placed: Meadow Ridge Park, Rumson, NJ
Date Placed: 10/2/11 at 2:37pm

I wanted to do a little area park exploring today since it seemed like the weather would hold out. So after checking out the market, I popped over to a couple of the area parks. If I was a park walker, this one has a mile long trail that seems like it would be pretty cool to traverse. Are there some cool nature trails by where you live that you enjoy visiting?

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  1. There's a trail in Greenville called the Swamp Rabbit Trail that everyone rants and raves about, since it starts downtown and is just really easy to get to and apparently really nice. I have yet to check it out! Which is really bad of me, haha.