Sunday, July 31, 2011

253. Versatile

253. Versatile
(adj) able to adapt to different functions and situations
Location Placed: USS North Carolina, Wilmington, North Carolina
Date Placed: 7/29/11 at 7:06pm

It wasn't until this trip that I realized I am a bit of a history nerd. Not that I go out and I search for it. Or that I like all bits of history equally. But the tour of the USS North Carolina, now that I could get into. I mean, who wouldn't enjoy traveling several levels above and below deck to see how the navy ship was run. Aside from getting quite lost at one point and not being able to find my way up to the deck (obviously I made it. My cell phone didn't have reception after a couple levels down.) But even still, it was a really cool trip and I found it super interesting to have been able to explore. Definitely recommended if you ever happen to be in the area. Not to mention it's open later that all the other tourist-y stuff, making it a good evening activity.

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  1. I wish I'd known you enjoyed stuff like this! I would have highly suggested the tour of the Hunley in North Charleston.