Sunday, July 31, 2011

252. Sure

252. Sure
(adj) confident in what one thinks or knows
Location Placed: Soldier Memorial, USS North Carolina, Wilmington, North Carolina
Date Placed: 7/29/11 at 6:52pm

I'm sure (ha!) you've noticed that the last couple cranes (as well as a number that haven't been written up/placed yet) are a lot more fancy and different than the previous cranes. That's because this was from the packet of origami paper that I got while at the Japan Pavilion in Epcot at Disney World. The paper is almost like fabric and it's a bit plastic-y on top. So it doesn't really hold the writing well. (And as I've found out, it doesn't particularly hold the tape well either. Oops!) But the paper was so pretty, and well suited to the project at the exact right size, that I knew I had to use them. I'm excited to have been able to make some cranes out of cool paper like that. Sometimes you just have to remember to get excited about those little things.

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