Saturday, July 30, 2011

250. Heartwarming

250. Heartwarming
(adj) emotionally rewarding or uplifting
Location Placed: Poplar Grove Museum, Wilmington, North Carolina
Date Placed: 7/29/11 at 3:19pm

You could tell that the workers of this historic site, Poplar Grove, really find their jobs heartwarming. They told me about the children's groups they have come in and they give demonstrations for. In the basket weaving area, the lady told me about how the kids enjoy seeing the wood bent and pieces of furniture made or weaved bowls. It made the trip out there seem heartwarming by association. Any money spent on a tour there is certainly going to better the types of programs that children are participating in. Well worth it!

BTW- Do you see the different type of paper the crane has been made out of? I'll talk about it a little be more in my next grouping of entries.

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