Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free Paper Giveaway

This definitely isn't something I normally do, but saw it and thought I should put it out there. I stumbled across a company that is giving away some free origami paper. It likely won't last long, so scoop it up if you're interested! The only catch it seems is that shipping is to U.S. locations only.

Everything in Paper Crafting Paper Promotion

Who doesn't love free?!


  1. Thanks for sharing this Sandy!

  2. First of all- thank you so much for the link! I've tried to spread the word.

    Second of all, I just found your blog and I am *so* inspired by this project and what you are doing. I think it's wonderful. If you ever need someone to spread your cranes around Southwest Florida, let me know! :)

    I can't wait to go through the archives and see all you have done.

    Thank you again for the inspiration and for sharing yourself in this way with the rest of the world.