Saturday, December 29, 2018

889. Venerable

889. Venerable
Definition: (adj) accorded a great deal of respect
Location Left: City Museum, St. Louis, Missouri
Date Placed: 12/20/18 at 3:35pm



The City Museum is probably one of the weirdest and wildest places I've ever gone. I know I absolutely would've adored this place as a kid, as there are multiple areas to explore and get lost in. And there is a 10 story slide! As an adult, I appreciated the little chunk of history I received from one of the employees offhandedly. He told me that prior to being a museum, the building was used as a shoe factory. The slide, although slightly reconfigured, was an old shoe chute used to get the shoes to the ground floor quickly. I thought that was neat the way they turned this old factory into quite the wonder of a place. It looked like there was some construction going on a couple of the floors, and the weather was too poor to explore the outside maze, but this place did not disappoint!

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