Saturday, December 29, 2018

885. Apricity

885. Apricity
Definition: (n) the warmth of the sun in winter
Location Placed: The Arch Museum, St. Louis, Missouri
Date Placed: 12/20/18 at 9:45am



A much awaited vacation took us to St. Louis, where we stayed directly across the street from the Arch! It was a really neat museum that included a ride up to the top. You could see the windows from our hotel room, and I commented that I bet they weren't that small when you were there. But they were! The ride up to the top was really interesting as you were able to see the inner workings of the Arch and the mechanics on getting up to the top. You wouldn't necessarily know it from looking at it, but it's triangularly shaped! Definitely a must visit if you're visiting St. Louis.

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