Saturday, August 22, 2015

668. Dedicated

668. Dedicated
Definition: (adj) devoted to a task or purpose
Location Placed: Lonesome Lake Hut, Franconia, New Hampshire
Date Placed: 8/13/15 at 2:14pm

After a rather exhausting hike, I must've forgotten that I hadn't taken a before picture! We did this hike which is a portion of the Appalachian Trail, which I've been wanting to hike for a long while. (A portion of it, not the whole thing. I'm only good at hiking very short distance and camping for 2 nights max. It's important to know your limits.) So I was very excited to do a short afternoon hike that included a portion of it. We stopped at the Lonesome Lake Hut on the trail to await the passing of a rain shower. The folks who staff the hut were making rather delicious looking loaves of bread and one of the members of my group said the scones were super. It was an absolutely gorgeous hike that I would recommend doing if you're in the area.

And although I wasn't able to leave a crane there, I also recommend hiking up to the top of Mount Osceola if you're looking for some fabulous views from up high!

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