Thursday, August 14, 2014

613. Blessed

613. Blessed
Definition: (adj) fortunate, privileged, lucky
Location Placed: Allaire State Park Visitors Center, Howell, New Jersey
Date Placed: 8/8/14 at 3:16pm
Status: FOUND!

So despite living in the area for quite a while, I hadn't been to Allaire State Park for year. And definitely a lot earlier than that in terms of going into all the historic buildings. I wish I had been able to get more time to poke around but my kayaking time ran a bit long. Needless to say I will definitely be back to get some more photos and see all the buildings inside and out. It's so close that it would be a shame not to!

Email from our finder, M: "Hi! This is a picture of your crane, Which i found on a trip with my daycampers to allaire state park. It really brought a smile to my day. I am a great origami lover,and it was cool that i found number 613 , since i am jewish and 613 is a meaningful number in judaism (its the number of mitzvot- commandments). I love your project and think its a great way to get people thinking. For now, the crane is resting on my book crates, but i plan on rereleasing it soon. Good luck! - M"

Thanks for the lovely email and keeping 'Blessed' safe!

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