Tuesday, May 28, 2013

503. Sophisticated

503. Sophisticated 
Definition: (adj) developed to a high degree of complexity
Location Placed: Lyndhurst, Tarrytown, New York
Date Placed: 5/19/13 at 2:33pm


 I was suitably impressed during the tour of this house. Apparently it was considered classier to, rather than have actual marble, to have people paint walls as if they were marble. That was a sign of wealth to show that you could afford to have people paint walls to look like marble rather than the real thing. Perplexing but true! It was definitely the sort of house that, if I were to have a mansion, I'd love to have. It had a wonderful reading room, gorgeous stained glass windows, and a great view of the Tappan Zee. (FYI- Zee is actually 'sea' in Dutch!)

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