Tuesday, May 28, 2013

500. Receptive

500. Receptive 
Definition: (adj) able or willing to do something
 Location Placed: Kykuit, Sleepy Hollow, New York
Date Placed: 5/19/13 at 10:58am


WHOA, we're halfway there! I cannot believe I hit the halfway mark on my crane project. It both feels like it's been ages since I've started and like I just started. But it's been nearly 3 years that I've been placing little paper cranes out into the world. Here's to the next 500!

Kykuit was definitely a wonderful place to release my halfway crane. Absolutely gorgeous grounds and an informative tour guide make a wonderful trip. Small tours where pictures aren't appreciated indoors make for a seriously blurry placement shot. I have not yet been caught and scolded for taking pictures where I shouldn't be, so I certainly didn't want to start now! But rest assured, "Receptive" was placed in a particularly lovely china dish room.

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