Monday, January 9, 2012

363. Accurate

363. Accurate
(adj) careful and free from errors
Location Placed: Scottsdale Quarter, Scottsdale, Arizona
Date Placed: 1/2/12 at 1:21pm

The warmest day of the trip at over 80 degrees, we decided to do some shopping in one of the lovely areas of Scottsdale. It made me totally long for warm weather at home. But at least I stocked up on the sun while I was down there. It's also nice that *knock on wood* this winter has been pleasantly mild so far with no excessive amounts of snow. I mostly keep inside during the winter months. What do you guys do during the winter to bide the time until the warmth?

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  1. well, it doesn't much matter now because it never really gets *that* cold in SC, but when we were still living in New England we would hole up in the house and do movie marathons and watch tons of episodes of specific TV shows (i.e. that's how I got into The Office a few years ago)