Friday, December 6, 2013

547. Palatable

547. Palatable
Definition: (adj) pleasant to taste
Location Placed: UPS, Tinton Falls, New Jersey
Date Placed: 11/27/13 at  5:41pm

I'm always careful now when I release cranes at UPS. I was once "caught" by video cameras in the act! This time, as I was taping up my package, I was very nearly caught taking a picture of my crane! Apparently I wasn't being careful enough. But the helpful gentleman just took my package up to the desk to be sent out, while I snapped a quick shot before following him. I must be slipping in my "carefulness" routine. Knock on wood, aside from the one time in Wilmington, North Carolina when a crane was given to me since she thought I had dropped it, I've not been caught. Here's to hoping the next 453 cranes go by as smoothly!

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