Monday, December 5, 2011

354. Proficient

354. Proficient
(adj) well-advanced or competent in a skill
Location Placed: Bank of America, Brooklyn, New York
Date Placed: 12/4/11 at 1:49pm

Since this was my first visit to Brooklyn, let alone to my friend now living there, we had a good wander around the area. There were tons of restaurants close by and we did a bit of walking to get breakfast, go to the food store to make dinner, and just check out the scenery. Since it's so close to go for a visit (and not terribly difficult to navigate by car), hopefully I'll get to pop up there and do some more exploring in the not too distant future.

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  1. I chanced upon your blog while doing a blog hop. I think your 1000 cranes project is wonderful. I make cranes out of paper fliers that we get in the newspaper and I leave them in places where I hope people will find them and pick them up.