Friday, April 29, 2011

181. Decadent

181. Decadent
Location Placed: Lincroft Library, Lincroft, New Jersey
Date Placed: 4/29/11 3:57p

Although the word decadent on its own really isn't positive, everyone likes to indulge themselves sometimes. Decadent desserts, or guilty pleasure reading in my case. It'll be nice to read something for fun, rather than some sort of research. What sort sorts of decadent things do you enjoy?


  1. Here's a list of things that are good:

    - bookshelf porn
    - dedicating weekends to nothing but arts, crafts, and mail
    - the fact that I just got a rush of blog feed reading "1000 paper cranes blog update(s)"
    - night time drives in Baltimore, MD.

    Keep it up, gorgeous.

  2. thanks for being a glimpse of inspired hope in a sometimes gloomy world ... keep it up ... have a fast Friday and very slow and relaxing weekend