Tuesday, February 1, 2011

169. Sprightly

169. Sprightly
(adj) full of spirit and vitality
Location Placed: Bieber Bus Terminal, Wescosville, Pennsylvania
Date Placed: 1/30/11 10:28am
Status: Found!

I'll refrain from making a no relational to another famous Bieber comment and say that this was a trusty bus station back when I was in school. I didn't use it often, but I dropped a few friends off their to take trips to elsewhere. I was pleased to see it was still in service. Hopefully the person that found it was either going to or coming from a lovely trip somewhere else.


  1. I am currently in possession of Sprightly (which, I must say, is the perfect word to describe myself). I was actually on my way home from Muhlenberg, after spending a weekend with my friends before I go abroad for the semester--Sprightly will join me overseas and I hope she'll make many friends abroad!

  2. Tomorrow I'm leaving Australia, and will be leaving Sprightly behind. She sat on my desk throughout the semester and I hope that she will find another owner down under!