Wednesday, January 19, 2011

165. Grin

165. Grin
(v) showing pleasure or amusement by smiling
Location Placed: American Red Cross, Tinton Falls, New Jersey
Date Placed: 1/19/10 6:32pm

What better place to put "a grin" than at a blood donation drive? This crane was released after my donation while I was gulping down an excessive amount of water to replenish my fluids. I decided to donate for the first time today to "celebrate" my upcoming birthday. What better way to celebrate my life than to attempt to help someone else. I realize how corny this sounds but it helped me to put a bit more meaning back into my birthday, into getting older. I felt humbled as I left the building and hoped that "Grin" found its way into the hands of someone else donating blood, or taking the donations.

To stop being such a sap, this was followed by meeting my brother for a lovely pre-birthday dinner to "replenish my fluids." Breakfast for dinner never tasted so good...


  1. What a lovely gesture!! Happy Birthday!!

  2. Neat! Love hearing about these :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Sandy!! And this is an admirable way to celebrate it!

  4. BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD. I've had bad experience with donating. I wrote about it once here: & here:

    But I'm glad it was a success for you.